Greenwood Car Show! This weekend!!

We just wrapped up the construction on the galley tonight in preparation for the Greenwood Car Show. The guys at Compton Lumber recommended we enter The Denizen in back when we were building it last summer. Well, now that summer has rolled around again, we’re about to show her off to THOUSANDS of car enthusiasts.

Today’s work included installing the hinge hardware from the Rev-A-Shelf sink tip-out tray (GENIUS addition to any kitchen or galley) to complete the storage in front of our sink as well as securing 100′ glides to the right side of the galley for the stove. Oh, if you don’t already have one of these 90º Milwaukee drill attachments, GET ONE. I would have had to remove the sink in order to get the drawer installed, but had it in with very little trouble thanks to this genius of engineering. Everything fits amazingly well. I’m most blown away by the curved cabinetry in the center. We’ll be making one more drawer on the far right for the battery, pots and pans, but this was the first go at steaming wood. I built the steam box yesterday and attached it to this Earlax steam generator. Totally recommended.

Feel free to swing on by and check it out. Not sure where we’ll be placed along the 1.5 mile stretch of cars, bikes, boats, teardrops, etc … but we’ll probably have a crowd all day!

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